Montpellier and the Petite Camargue

The southern French town of Montpellier reaches down to the beaches of the Mediterranean and the pools of the Petite Camargue area.

Spend your holidays in Montpellier, a southern French town which is lively all year round including festive evenings and guided visits.
The beaches of  the  Petite Camargue area are close at hand for sunbathing in the summertime, or strolling during the winter. The sea offers a wealth of water sports and bathing opportunities.
Here, pride of place goes to the area's pink flamingos, horses and bulls.

Montpellier: lively by day, lively by night.... all year round

  • A lively and "trendy" town perfect for exploring on foot or by tram
  • Trendy cafes and restaurants in the Place de la Comédie, museums and monuments rich in local history, art galleries, luxury stores and colourful markets. There's something for every taste!
  • The Odysseum leisure area

Cultural Montpellier

Montpellier is a paradise for anyone who enjoys art and heritage:

  • The Fabre Museum and its fine art displays
  • The Montpellier History Museum and the Languedoc Museum
  • The Frac for those who enjoy contemporary art or the work of avant-garde architects
  • Visits to the city's historical town centre with its sumptuous buildings dating from the 17th century
  • The Opéra Comédie theatre...

Botanical Montpellier

For those who enjoy a lungful of fresh, cool air, Montpellier has long been renowned for its "green fingers", boasting 48 parks and gardens, the Amazonian glasshouse, the botanical gardens and the zoological gardens, etc.

Festive Montpellier

The town hosts a number of festivals throughout the year:

  • The Radio France Festival
  • The Jazz Festival
  • The Montpellier Dance Festival
  • The Mediterranean Cinema Festival
  • The Extreme Sports Festival

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Photo Maguelone VENZAC

Just 10 kilometres from Montpellier: the beaches!

  • A variety of water sports and open-air activities await you.
  • You can cross the pools, a paradise for the local pink flamingos
  • You can stroll through Palavas les flots, an authentic fishermen's village and coastal resort which marvellously captures the southern French atmosphere
  • You can visit Villeneuve les Maguelone and its Romanesque cathedral rising up majestically from the sands

Not forgetting:

  • The museum of the famous caricaturist Albert Dubout in Palavas

La Grande Motte, Lunel and Carnon

Relax and explore the coast along the edge of the Camargue region, between Carnon and the coastal resort of La Grande Motte.