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Destination Montpellier Petite Camargue - Town

The place Saint Roch (St Roch Square) is located in the historical centre of Montpellier. It bears the name of the impressive Saint Roch Church constructed in th XIXth century, dedicated to the patron saint of the city.

Sit down for a minute on the forecourt in front of the church and take time to admire the trompe l'oeil on the opposite building,with numerous references to Montpellier History : Saint-James of Compostella scallop-shells, pharmacy jar…

If you have time, relax on a mid-sun mid-shadow terrace around the Saint Roch fountain.

This very quiet and friendly neighbourhood, totally pedestrian, gets busy for events like Fête de la musique, Saint-Roch day...


1 place Saint Roch


Tramway / streetcar line : Ligne 1 et 2 arrêt Comédie
Tramway / streetcar line : Ligne 3 et 4 arrêt Observatoire